Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kripa's Introduction - Episode 1

Episode 1
Kripa's friends are looking for her but, can't seem to find her. Finally, Kripa enters. Kripa and her friends are on their way to school. When suddenly, they realize that they are late for school. At school, Professor Sharma and all the other students in school are waiting for Kripa to lead the morning prayers. Kripa and her friends are finally at school and the Principal screams are them for arriving late. Yet, they start the prayers. However, during the prayer, Kripa starts dreaming of Angad. They show glimpses of Angad - his eyes, nose, arms, face, etc.........
Kripa then starts humming th rhythm of the KYPH theme song. The Professor catches her and scolds her in front of the entire school. He tells her to get out and Kripa does, crying

KRIPA's House
At home, Kripa complains to her mom how the Professor scolded her and not any of the other late girls. The Professor overhears the conversation and we learn that the Professor is actually Kripa's father. He enters the screen and tells Kripa that he only scolded her because he has high expectations for her and he wants her to learn the ways of life. Kripa requests her parents to send her to Mumbai, so, she can learn sangeet (music).
Mrs. Sharma is really against it and says that she didn't do well in her studies at all. Kripa is really upset.
At night, Kripa is really upset and her brother (really cute) teases Kripa about not going to Mumbai and her deep crush for Angad. After he leaves, Mrs. Sharma comes in and explains to Kripa why she can't go to Mumbai. Kripa still isn't convinced yet. She says that she won't be alone Angad and his family will be with her (Kripa's father and Angad's father and childhood friends).
The next morning, Mrs. Sharma says to come home early because a new song of Angad is going to premiere. While in school, Kripa's friends tease her about her love for Angad. While playfully chasing her friends, Kripa bumps into the Principal and get detention. When Kripa hurrily hurries home, her mom says she missed it but,luckily, they recorded it for her.
Then on TV, they introduce the parents of Angad Khanna, Naina Khanna and Mr. Khanna, on TV, they pretend to be the perfect couple, when the host ask, Who is repsonsible for their son, Angad's succsess?
Mr. Khanna credit his wife but, then remember's Mr. Sharma and also credit him. For this, the Sharma' are really happy that they still didn't forget them.
At night, Kripa thinks about Angad and talks to his photo that he is such a sweet and nice person and also has the perfect family. On the other end, Naina and Mr. Khanna are celebrating their succsess for their 'fake interview'.
They pretend that they are the prefect family and all have a lovely relationship but, they truth is that they really don't get along.
The episode ends with Kripa looking out the window and seeing the reflection of Angad. She says that one day they surely will meet and that day is not far at all. Again, we see glimpses of Angad (SOOOoo hoT)

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